Katy Perry Under Fire for Playing the Victim as American Idol Judge Quits Over Show’s Negative Image


Idol Fans Call Out Katy Perry for Not Taking Responsibility for Her Backlash

American Idol fans are not pleased with Katy Perry’s recent behavior on the show. According to the Daily Mail, the “Fireworks” singer is reportedly fed up with the way Idol producers have painted her as the “nasty judge,” which has led to harsh criticism from viewers and contestants alike. However, fans on social media are not buying it.

Many have accused Perry of not taking responsibility for her actions and blaming her behavior solely on the editing of the show. Some have even gone as far as suggesting that she be replaced on the show. One viewer writes, “Victim mindset. Take accountability for your own actions.”

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Despite the backlash, Perry does have some fans in her corner who enjoy her critiques and sense of style. However, it remains unclear whether she will continue on the show next season.

Katy’s Controversial Behavior on Idol

This is not the first time Perry has come under fire for her behavior on the popular singing competition. Last month, she was accused of talking over fellow judge Lionel Richie and leaving him out of the conversation. She was also criticized for eliminating a contestant that fans felt deserved to stay.

During the audition rounds, Perry was accused of “mom-shaming” a contestant with her comments, which left some feeling hurt and embarrassed. And most recently, she was accused of behaving rudely towards contestant Wé Ani after she was picked last and did not receive feedback from Perry following her performance.

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It remains to be seen if Katy Perry will address the recent criticisms and take responsibility for her actions, or if she will continue to blame the show’s producers for her backlash.


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