Katherine Gómez’s Mother Fights Extradition for Sergio Tarache


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In March 2023, Peru was shocked by a case of femicide that caused deep outrage in society. An 18-year-old girl named Katherine Gómez was brutally murdered, sparking criticism of the authorities for their delay in issuing an arrest warrant against the aggressor, Sergio Tarache Parra. This delay may have facilitated his escape to another country.

After months of waiting, Sergio Tarache, who had fled to Colombia, was finally apprehended on April 11 in the Barrios Unidos area of Bogotá. The arrest operation was carried out without any issues, and with the extradition process complete, Katherine Gómez’s mother spoke out to demand the full weight of the law against the murderer.

Cinthia Machare, Katherine Gómez’s mother, was present during Sergio Tarache’s arrival in Peru on January 30. She expressed her hope that the authorities would grant the maximum sentence to the feminicide, as she believes this is the only way to achieve justice for her daughter. She also did not rule out the possibility of facing the feminicide during the trial for the murder of her daughter.

Katherine Gómez died six days after her ex-partner tried to burn her alive on March 24. Cinthia Machare expressed her desire for an exemplary sanction to be imposed on the subject as a way of making him pay for the feminicide of her daughter.

Peru has reported a considerable increase in the incidence of femicides, with a figure of 170 cases so far this year, according to information provided by the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations. This data not only reflects an increase in gender violence within the country, but also highlights the urgent need to implement effective strategies to combat this problem.

If you are a victim of violence against women and family members, you can contact Line 100 for free, which provides information, guidance, counseling, and emotional support in Quechua, Aymara, and Spanish. You can also go to one of the Women’s Emergency Centers (CEM), which specialize in offering comprehensive and multidisciplinary care for survivors, including legal advice, emotional support, and social support at the national level.

It is important to seek help and support if you are experiencing violence or abuse. Remember that you are not alone, and there are resources available to help you.

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