Kate Winslet Rejected Working With James Cameron on ‘Avatar 2’

**Kate Winslet and James Cameron reunite in ‘Avatar 2’: A Timeline of the Troubled Titanic Relationship**

After years of separation and rumored bad blood, Kate Winslet and James Cameron reunite in ‘Avatar 2’ to the delight of fans everywhere.

In 1997, when the film, Titanic, they worked on together was released, Kate Winslet declared that “You would have to pay me a lot of money to work with Jim again.”

When the actress and director met in 2012 for the 3D revival of Titanic, Winslet declared that the filmmaker “lost his temper” during the filming, but she did it “for very good reasons”. Cameron even nicknamed the actress “Kate-Weighs-a-Lot” during the shoot.

However, during the promotional tour for ‘Avatar 2’ Winslet has expressed the differences between filming the two epics,
“You can’t compare them. The two movies are very different, literally the only thing they have in common is that there’s water in both.”

Cameron even jokingly referred to their past barbs during his stint on the Golden Globe red carpet, “I feel like I needed it from a therapeutic standpoint. We both needed catharsis.”

It is apparent that the two are at much better terms now, with Cameron keeping Winslet in mind for a role when he wrote Avatar, “In 2014 [Cameron] told me: ‘I’m going to make you big and blue.'”

With the huge success of Avatar 2, grossing over two billion dollars worldwide, and a seemingly better relationship between the two, it’s a satisfying ending to an interesting story.

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