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Karol G recalled that she was a secretary to succeed

Karol G recalled that she was a secretary to succeed

Karol G, who is part of the soundtrack of the tape ‘Barbie’, gave an interview to the magazine ‘Elle’ where he was moved to remember how his beginnings in the music industry were in which he always had the support of a very special person, his father Guillermo Giraldo.

During the talk, she was asked if she ever imagined that she would be a famous artist when she was a child, to which she replied, “I think we all imagine things when we are little and we see ourselves or see ourselves as our favorite artists.”

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“I think we are in a world that contaminates people’s dreams a lot, so one has to be very careful who receives advice or who receives criticism or who receives a ‘don’t do it because you don’t like it’. it’s going to work’, because everyone speaks from their limitations”, he added.

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The Colombian continued, “I think that in my head I always wanted to be very big and I dreamed of it. And I had my dad tell me all the time: ‘we’re going to be bigger than that’, and he told me so many times that I believed it, I was convinced, and that’s why believing in yourself and following those hunches is special”.

Karol G also recalled the moment when he introduced his father Guillermo Giraldo to the songs he had chosen for his first album, “I told him: ‘look, those are the songs I chose’, my father had heard the process of some and not others, then he starts crying with emotion ”.

“It was like: ‘wow I love your album, I mean, I’m a man, I’m this age and I love the songs, I feel that I can listen to them and that I can play the entire album,’” he added.

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The singer commented that she later taught him other songs that he did not know, “my dad cried and with his eyes crying he told me, ‘hey, at what point has it happened, it’s been 14 or 15 years since we started with this.”

So, he recalled that time, “My dad was my manager, he and I were the team. So at home we had a little piece with a small table and two chairs, it was like an office. We made it a goal to be called to radio stations. He spoke as Karol G’s manager, I expressed myself as Karol G’s secretary.

“I told them: ‘I have an artist called Karol G and we are available for events. We traveled by car, from city to city, from town to town, we did shows in schools, universities and nightclubs, ”he explained.

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Finally, he reflected, “I did the process from scratch, it really cost us so much effort that I respect it a lot, I know what it cost me to have it, it was not out of nowhere, but I worked for it. Someday I was dreaming of being there and I made it. I come from Colombia, from Medellín and I am doing the things that I am doing. It is a very positive message that everyone has the opportunity to do gigantic things.”

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