Karol G and Shakira’s Shared Fear in Relationships: An Inside Look


Karol G and Shakira may come from different generations in the music industry, but they share more than just their Colombian roots. In a recent interview with El País, Karol G opened up about her collaboration with Shakira, revealing that she couldn’t believe she was one of the lucky few to have teamed up with the iconic artist.

The two artists also share the same fear when it comes to their relationships, with both admitting they are more afraid of marriage than death. Karol G explained, “Marriage scares me too much. I don’t want her to see me as the wife (air quotes). I prefer that she see me as her girlfriend, her lover, a bit like the forbidden fruit.”

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Their collaboration on the song “TQG” was not only musically successful, but it also brought them closer together as they both felt identified with the lyrics of the song. Both Karol G and Shakira have faced heartbreak and separation from public figures, with Anuel AA and Gerard Piqué respectively.

Despite being rivals on occasion, such as at the 2019 Youth Awards, Karol G and Chiquis have also shown admiration for one another. Recently, Chiquis attended Karol G’s concert in Los Angeles and even had an emotional encounter with the singer backstage. The two embraced in a loving hug, with Chiquis calling Karol G a “sweetheart and a goddess on stage.” The meeting between the two successful singers left fans excited and hopeful for future collaborations.

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