Kang-In Lee returns as Luis Enrique’s ‘pretty boy’


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Jordan made history by defeating South Korea and qualifying for the final of the Asian Cup. The PSG coaching staff celebrated this achievement, especially because Kang-In Lee has become a key player for the team. Despite some initial doubts, Kang-In Lee has proven himself as a valuable asset for PSG, playing in various positions and contributing to the team’s success.

Of the 16 games he has played this season, Kang-In Lee has started in 13 of them, showing his versatility and ability to adapt to different roles within the team. He has scored five goals and has been praised for his aggressiveness and finesse on the field. His performance in Ligue 1 has been outstanding, especially in terms of passes attempted, completed, and progressive.

As Kang-In Lee prepares to return to PSG after the Asia Cup, coach Luis Enrique faces the challenge of fitting all the pieces of the puzzle together. With the team’s upcoming match against Real Sociedad in the Champions League, Luis Enrique must decide on the best lineup and strategy to ensure success.

One of the adjustments being considered is positioning MbappĂ© as the main reference and using Bradley Barcola as a pure winger to strengthen the team’s defense. However, this may require making tough decisions about which players to include in the core area. Luis Enrique will need to carefully consider his options and make strategic choices to ensure PSG’s success in top-level scenarios.

Overall, Kang-In Lee’s impact on the team has been significant, and his return to PSG is eagerly awaited. His versatility, skill, and ability to adapt to different roles make him a valuable asset for the team, and his performance in Ligue 1 has been exceptional. As PSG prepares for upcoming matches, including the Champions League, Luis Enrique faces the challenge of making strategic decisions to ensure the team’s success.

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