Justin Bieber’s Refusal to Perform with Usher at Super Bowl


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Justin Bieber and Usher have a close relationship, with Usher being a key figure in propelling Bieber’s musical career in 2010. However, it seems that their connection has evaporated over the years. According to Page Six, Usher contacted Bieber to propose singing together at the Super Bowl intermission, but Bieber declined. Instead, Usher was joined by Alicia Keys, HER, Ludacris, and Lil John for the show.

A source close to Bieber told the media that he just wasn’t ready for it and wasn’t feeling it. Despite declining the opportunity to perform at the Super Bowl, Bieber was present at Allegiant Stadium with his wife Hailey to witness the victory of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Bieber has not been as active in live shows and tours as before. Although he performed in an intimate concert at Drake’s History Club in Toronto earlier in 2024, he has not faced live concerts for a long time. In 2022, health problems forced him to cancel all shows on his Purpose tour due to Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which paralyzed his face.

The Super Bowl show, which included a tribute to Michael Jackson, featured dancing on roller skates and a gigantic corps de ballet. Despite not performing at the event, Bieber’s presence at the Super Bowl did not go unnoticed.

In addition to the Super Bowl, the event also featured performances by Alicia Keys, Lana del Rey, Taylor Swift, and High School Musical. The show also sparked a variety of memes on social media, with fans sharing their favorite moments and performances from the event. Overall, the Super Bowl halftime show was a memorable and entertaining event for fans of all ages.

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