Junior and Santa Fe Draw 1-1 in BetPlay League Match: Summary, Goals, and Video

Junior and Santa Fe Draw 1-1 in BetPlay League Match: Summary, Goals, and Video

Junior and Santa Fe Tie in Apertura Tournament of BetPlay League 2023

Junior and Santa Fe faced off in a highly anticipated match for date 9 of the Apertura tournament of the BetPlay League 2023. The game took place on Saturday, March 18, at the Estadio Metropolitano Roberto Meléndez, with exclusive transmission for Colombian territory provided by Win Sports.

Both teams took the field with the intention of obtaining three crucial points. Junior had an ideal opportunity to strengthen their position at the top of the table, while Santa Fe needed a victory to detach themselves from the bottom of the standings.

The game was intense, and both teams demonstrated great effort and skill on the field. However, the match ended in a tie, with goals from Hernández for Junior and De La Rosa for Santa Fe.

The Junior team, with this result, maintains their unbeaten run in the tournament and ranks first in the standings. On the other hand, Santa Fe secured a valuable point, but remain closer to the bottom of the table.

The lineup for Junior included key players such as Viera, Pacheco, Andueza, Ortiz, Hinestroza, Moreno, Berrio Peña, Berdugo, Gonzáles, León Muñiz and Hernández. Meanwhile, Santa Fe counted with Silva, Viáfara, Aja, Ramírez Pisciotti, Mosquera, Rojas, Barboza, Sambueza, In love, Morelo and De La Rosa.

Junior’s next game will be against América de Cali, while Santa Fe will face Deportivo Cali. Both teams will be seeking crucial victories to continue their journey towards the championship.

The BetPlay League 2023 continues to bring excitement and intense competition to the fans of Colombian football, with high level matches and talented players showcasing their skills on the field. The tournament promises to be full of surprises, and the fans eagerly await the upcoming games.

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