Julia Roberts’ Beauty Regret: One Trend to Avoid


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Julia Roberts recently opened up about her past beauty mistakes in an interview with People. She shared that if she could give advice to her 19-year-old self, she would tell herself to stand up straighter and not to pluck her eyebrows.

The actress celebrated her twins, Phinnaeus and Hazel, turning 19 last month with a sweet Instagram post. She expressed her joy and love for her children in the post, accompanied by a rare photo of herself holding her baby twins.

Roberts, who stars in the new Netflix movie “Leave the World Behind,” is still turning heads with her beauty decades later. She recently promoted the film in London, stunning in a pink blazer short set and sparkling fringe Gucci heels that matched her massive diamond necklace.

In the interview, Roberts expressed regret about plucking her eyebrows and advised her younger self to go easy on the eyebrow plucking. She’s not the only celebrity to share her eyebrow woes. Julianne Moore also shared her eyebrow regrets in a recent interview, advising her daughter not to touch her eyebrows.

Charlize Theron also has brow regrets, admitting that she was “still recovering” from her overplucked era and saying her worst beauty mistake was the thin eyebrow trend from the ’90s.

It’s clear that even celebrities have beauty regrets and wish they could go back and advise their younger selves to avoid certain beauty mistakes. It’s a reminder that we all live and learn when it comes to our beauty routines.

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