Juana Rozas: Isla Mujeres, K4, Plant, and Beyond


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This week, we have exciting releases from Andry Bett with Lichi, Diamante Eléctrico, Ine Güemes, Isla Mujeres, Juana Rozas, K4, Pablo Neptuno, Planta, Perrosky, and Stiffy. You can listen to our weekly selection of new music on our Spotify playlist.

Andry Bett and Lichi – “Don’t lose your head”
“Don’t lose your head” is a summery and fresh ballad, born from the collaboration between Andry Bett and Lichi. This first collaboration between the artists offers a warm song to listen to lying in the sun. The song talks about the need to not take everything so seriously, resist anxiety, and face life more calmly.

Diamante Eléctrico – “Porcelana”
Colombian band Diamante Eléctrico shared “Porcelana”, the first single from their upcoming album Malhablado. The song has a more Lo-Fi tone compared to their previous works, marking a moment of change in their way of writing songs, especially with this song full of melancholy.

Ine Güemes-“Leopardos”
Ine Güemes transports us to a melancholic landscape with her new single, “Leopardos,” the first glimpse of her upcoming album. The combination of her evocative voice and the heavenly harmony of her piano creates a moving and thoughtful experience.

Isla Mujeres – “Eternal Lake”
After publishing “Mala influence” with Mora and Los Metegoles, Isla Mujeres shared the latest preview of their next album titled Barato ideal. “Eternal Lake” captivates with powerful instrumentation commanded by frenetic drums and exciting vocalization.

Juana Rozas – “Pose!”
Juana Rozas presented “Pose!”, a single that marks the beginning of a new stage after her album Vladi (2022). The track fuses electronica and pop, introducing Tanya’s character for her second album.

K4-“A Forest”
Deformed and electrifying, K4 surprised his followers with a gift for his own birthday: a cover of “A Forest”, the classic by The Cure. The track seeks to capture the energy of the Rip Gang member’s live shows with the uniqueness of Proyecto Gomez Casa on drums.

Pablo Neptuno – “Flores uruguayas”
Pablo Neptuno is back with “Flores uruguayas”, a mysterious and poetic track that follows the previous single “El nabo”. In this melody with eighties overtones, the Buenos Aires singer glides elegantly through a dark landscape, weaving a narrative that paints a languid and melancholic autumn.

Perrosky – “Algo más”
Perrosky, the Chilean band made up of the Gómez brothers, presented “Algo más”, the first preview of their upcoming album Dos Caminos. It is a version of “Somethin’ Else” by Eddie Cochran.

Planta – “Amanecer”
The project formed by the former members of Perras on the Beach presented its second single after the debut of “Spot”. Distancing themselves from the rawer and humorous sound of their former band, in Planta the Mendozas present themselves as more electronic and danceable.

Stiffy – “Farandulero”
In his new track, Stiffy demonstrates why Swaggerboyz are on the lips of the new generations with an overload of irony about an alien sound that hammers your brain. The song was mixed and mastered by Gaspidieyoung, and was accompanied by a video directed by Roman Ickowicz Bauckhage.

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