Juan Lopez and friends: Dillom, Wiranda Johansen, Dora and more


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At Indie Today, we are passionate about discovering new music. Every day, we receive a wide variety of releases, exchange recommendations, and explore new sonic horizons. Through our music selection, we share the albums that appeal to us and highlight some of the most recent songs that captivated our team. We invite you to let yourself be surprised by the new. This week, we have releases from Bumont with Fabuloso, Dora, Juan Lopez with Dillom, Nicolás Molina, Patricia Lint with Manu Oliva, Salt Cathedral, Santiago Moraes with Lucy Patané, Sol Marianela, Wiranda Johansen, and Yesan. You can listen to our weekly selection of new music on our Spotify playlist.

Bumont and Fabuloso – “Lalala”
Guatemalan musician Bumont joined forces with Peru’s Fabuloso on “Lalala”, the third preview of his upcoming EP titled Epicentro. The song reflects on the ephemeral nature of life, introspection, and joy, inviting us to live in the present and appreciate the current moment. This collaboration arises from existential conversations and the exchange of ideas, highlighting the idea that nothing lasts forever, although we all have the power to leave a positive legacy.

The Madrid artist Dora presented her new single titled “Marceline”. After “Nothing to Lose”, Dora Postigo Salvatore expands her sonic boundaries, exploring electronic rock with jazz nuances in collaboration with producer Pional. This new song finds her in search of a mystical muse inspired by a fictional character who had a profound influence on her artistic universe. The video clip, directed by Pedro Soler, portrays the artist chasing and singing a Marceline who merges into a dark reverse of the artist herself.

Juan Lopez and Dillom-“I feel alone”
Juan Lopez shared the second preview of Culiado, his imminent new album. In “I feel alone”, the artist from Córdoba joined forces with Dillom to enchant us with a minimalist track, produced by himself. “Alone in my piece, I didn’t feel well, and with the guitar, from a progression of chords, the song came out like a spit. I feel it like a conversation, half nostalgic too. Without a doubt there is always something present about the fact of not being from Buenos Aires, of living here and taking over the place,” Lopez said in a press release.

Nicolás Molina – Castillos Soho
Nicolás Molina is back with a new EP titled Castillos Soho. Four years have passed since the release of Querencia, his latest album, and now the Uruguayan singer-songwriter surprised his followers with five new songs that reaffirm his musical warmth under the River Plate halo. From beginning to end, Molina offers a series of urban postcards with a dose of humor and another of nostalgia.

Patricia Lint and Manu Oliva – “Sola si me miras”
Patricia Lint released “Sola si me miras”, her new single after her 2023 debut EP titled Tal como imaginé. Produced again by Manu Oliva, “Sola si me miras” offers sincere verses full of feeling, despite maintaining a danceable rhythm. The song, which was initially going to be romantic and slow, evolved into a garage sound. The lyrics explore the feeling of loneliness in one’s thoughts after a painful breakup, where the hope of reconciliation is frustrated by the other’s indifference.

Salt Cathedral – “Terminal Woes”
Salt Cathedral’s “Terminal Woes” ​​is “an urgent call for protest against corporate greed, the climate crisis, and the future of children,” in the words of the New York-based Colombian duo. Vocalist Juli Ronderos channels these challenges into an alternative pop song inspired by the figure of Ravi Shankar. Salt Cathedral advocates for alignment between the planet and financial decisions, proposing sustainability as the only solution. The band’s new album will be released on March 22.

Santiago Moraes and Lucy Patané – “Los halcones”
Santiago Moraes and Lucy Patané collaborate on “Los halcones”. The song arose from Moraes’ inspiration while observing falcons in Buenos Aires, leading him to reflect on death and oblivion. After meeting at a record store, they decided to record it. Patané provided drums, guitars, and bass, while Pablo Weintraub was in charge of the sax solo and Patuco López recorded the congas from Montevideo.

Sol Marianela – “Fantasía”
“Fantasia”, Sol Marianela’s new song, emerged between February and June 2023 in the Micromaltese studio, nestled in the mountains of Catalonia. For five months, this place was the home of the artist, who composed and recorded her next album. The song combines Marianela’s voice and nylon guitar with Marco Morgione’s skills on electric guitars, bass, and organ, as well as Lester Dominguez’s prowess on drums.

Wiranda Johansen-“Dionysian”
Wiranda Johansen released “Dionysian”, the third preview of his upcoming album. With the production of Percii, the Argentine artist based in Spain weaves a ballad wrapped in soft harmonies and a dreamy melody. Influenced by baroque pop and ambient music, the song warns about the consequences of love and the inability to stop feelings once they arise. The track came out along with a video produced by La Casa de al Lado and directed by Malu Boruchowicz alongside Johansen.

Yesan – “La lune XVIII”
Yesan presented “La lune XVIII”, a single that explores the depths of human emotions. Inspired by the lunar influence on our emotions, the producer and beatmaker recognized for his contribution to the Argentine trap scene fuses alternative R&B with a house beat and layers of synthesizers, guiding listeners through emotional swings with the warmth of his voice. The video, directed by El Dorado, is inspired by the surrealism of Alejandro Jorodowsky to deploy symbolic elements that give life to the lyric.

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