Juan Castro showcases Ademar’s competitive spirit in Puente Genil


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The captain of Abanca Ademar, Juan Castro, spoke to EFE about the team’s competitive spirit as they started the second round of the Plenitude ASOBAL League with a win against Ángel Ximénez Puente Genil. Castro emphasized the team’s ability to stay competitive in tough moments, something they struggled with earlier in the season. He also mentioned the team’s patience and ability to finish the game strong.

Castro, who has committed to Swiss club Kadetten for the next two seasons, noted the team’s improvement in recent games before the national team break. He highlighted the team’s strong performances in Torrelavega and Logroño, despite not securing points in the end.

As the main offensive player for Ademarista, Castro scored ten goals in the game. He emphasized the importance of contributing to the team’s needs and mentioned his willingness to take shots when necessary.

Winger Carlos Álvarez also made a significant contribution with seven goals, while goalkeeping was a standout performance for the team. Iranian international goalkeeper Saeid Barkhordari and Canarian Kilian Ramírez both made crucial saves, with Ramírez’s interventions in the final minutes being particularly impactful.

According to Castro, the victory in Córdoba was a positive start to the second round, providing the team with confidence and a good momentum. He emphasized the importance of starting the second part of the season on a positive note, as teams can often reverse their performance after the long break.

Overall, the win in Córdoba was a significant achievement for Abanca Ademar, setting the tone for the rest of the season and boosting the team’s morale. Castro’s leadership and the team’s collective effort were crucial in securing the victory and setting a positive trajectory for the remainder of the season.

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