José Manuel Restrepo offers economy advice to Gustavo Petro amid peso revaluation and investment decline in Colombia


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Gustavo Petro, the president of Colombia, has been receiving advice and masterclasses from José Manuel Restrepo, the former Minister of Finance and rector of the EIA University, on the country’s economic affairs. Restrepo has been providing guidance to President Petro on various economic issues, including unemployment figures, economic growth, the dollar, the revaluation of the Colombian peso, and investments in the country.

In a recent publication, President Petro highlighted the impact of the increasing interest rate compared to that of the United States, which brings dollars to Colombia and revalues the peso. He also pointed out that while this makes imports cheaper, it makes the country’s exports more expensive. Restrepo responded with a rigorous analysis of the situation, emphasizing the need to understand the reasons behind increased investment and productivity.

Restrepo cited several factors that influence investment and productivity, including economic dynamics, capital costs, exchange rates, and expectations and confidence. He stressed the importance of returning to economic growth, motivating the private sector, encouraging exports, and improving public investment. Restrepo also highlighted the need to correct the negative impact of the 2022 tax reform, which raised the cost of capital for partners and investors, leading to a drop in investment.

Additionally, Restrepo addressed the issue of the exchange rate for importing capital goods, noting that Colombia still lags behind other countries in terms of comparative exchange rate behavior. He also emphasized the importance of recovering the confidence of the private sector to invest, which requires addressing issues such as physical security, interest rates, and reducing uncertainty.

In conclusion, Restrepo emphasized the need for refined messages, reviewed reforms, and motivation for the private sector to achieve increased investment and productivity. He called for collaboration and teamwork to achieve these goals as a nation.

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