José Luis Espert: “All deputies had the printed opinion”


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During a debate on the Omnibus Law in the Chamber of Deputies, José Luis Espert criticized legislators from Unión por la Patria who claimed they did not have access to the opinion being discussed. He stated that all deputies had the printed opinion and accused the opposition of lying.

The opposition leaders, including Germán Martínez, president of the Unión por la Patria bloc, complained about the lack of an opinion and knowledge of changes. However, Espert countered this by saying that the opinion had been published and distributed to all deputies since Friday.

He also showed the office used during the session, which contained the majority opinion, dissents, and five minorities. Espert confirmed that there was indeed a majority opinion, despite claims to the contrary.

The Omnibus Law underwent further modifications in fiscal matters after the plenary session of commissions reached agreements. The Minister of Economy, Luis “Toto” Caputo, announced that the chapter on economic reforms was withdrawn from the draft legislation.

Dialogue sectors expressed dissent over these changes and announced that they would not support certain articles during the debate in Deputies. Additionally, the changes to the Penal Code proposed by the Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, were also withdrawn.

Espert emphasized that the articles that remained would be modified through open conversations. He criticized the idea of debating at 4 in the morning and stressed the importance of discussing such a fundamental law in the light of day.

He confirmed that there would be a third version of the project, which would be sanctioned and published in the Official Gazette. Espert also stated that he would vote on the project as it came out of the plenary session of commissions.

He emphasized the importance of the law for Argentines and the reversal of the “burden of proof.” The debate was set to resume, with the ruling party seeking consensus on points that continued to be issues of conflict. Some deputies still sought to remove the tariff emergency and establish clearer restrictions on delegated powers in matters of security.

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