Jorge Salinas: Will His Daughter Invite Him to Her Wedding?


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Last December 15, the influencer’s mother, Adriana Cataño, shared that she believes her daughter will soon take the next step in her relationship. She mentioned that there may be an engagement soon and that she thinks there will be a marriage. However, weeks later, Jorge Salinas, the father, revealed that Gabriella has not told him about any plans to marry Matthew. He expressed his uncertainty about the possibility of a wedding and stated that he would attend if invited.

Jorge Salinas also mentioned that he has known Matthew for a long time and that he pays attention to the bond between Gabriella and her boyfriend. He emphasized the importance of being a present and understanding father. Gabriella, the first-born daughter of Jorge Salinas, has talked about the possibility of getting married with Matthew in the future. She has expressed that they are very much in love, but are also focused on their careers at the moment.

Gabriella Cataño, 26, is known for her beauty and her resemblance to her father, Jorge Salinas. She has a significant following on social media, where she shares fashion and beauty content, as well as glimpses into her private life. She has also expressed her passion for acting and hosting, and has added some projects in these fields to her career. Despite being born in 1995, the relationship between her and her father was distant in her childhood, but over the years, they have grown closer and now share more time together on social media.

Gabriella lives in Miami with her mother, Adriana Cataño, and has a good relationship with her father’s other children. She has expressed her desire to spend Christmas in Mexico with her father and younger siblings. She has also mentioned that she plans to return to Mexico to reunite with her family. Despite her focus on her career, she has expressed her love for acting and hosting, and her desire to continue pursuing both passions.

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