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UD Almería has just announced the signing of Jonathan Viera. The footballer, who hails from the Canary Islands, is joining the team after parting ways with Las Palmas in December. Viera had been without a team since then, but has now signed a contract with UD Almería until 2025.

Viera arrived in Almería today and underwent a medical examination at the Power Horse Stadium. Despite not having played for a team since December, he has been training on his own and is in good shape, although he may need some time to get back into the rhythm of competition.

The midfielder will have his first training session with his new teammates tomorrow and will be available for the next game against Athletic Club on Monday. Originally, Viera had planned to start a new adventure in Arabia, but he has decided to delay that plan and join UD Almería instead.

UD Almería saw an opportunity to bring Viera on board and prevent him from being out of competition for several months. The club is currently facing a crisis, and Viera’s arrival is expected to provide much-needed support. It remains to be seen whether he will continue with the team in the Second Division next season or if he will consider a potential offer from Arabia.

The management of UD Almería had been working to persuade Viera to continue his career in Spain and wear the red and white jersey. The owner of the club, Turki Al-Sheikh, played a crucial role in convincing the midfielder to join the team. Al-Sheikh, who is a prominent figure in the world of sports, may also help Viera find a club in the Saudi League in the future.

Overall, Viera’s signing is a significant development for UD Almería, and it is hoped that his presence will bring positive changes to the team. With the support of the club’s management and the potential opportunities that lie ahead, Viera’s future in Almería looks promising.

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