Joe Mantegna Confirms Long-Held Suspicions About ‘Criminal Minds’ Drama

Joe Mantegna Shares Real-Life Details about Criminal Minds: Evolution

Criminal Minds is one of the most successful police dramas to have been seen on the television. Even after 15 successful seasons, fans had the joy of the Paramount+ reboot ‘Criminal Minds: Evolution’ with some of the old crew, including Joe Mantegna.

Joe Mantegna stars as Special Agent David Rossi in the popular crime series which went off air in 2020 after fifteen seasons with an immense number of characters, all trained as profilers helping to keep them fighting crime in Washington DC and beyond. In an interview with Assignment X, Mantegna revealed about the reality of the show and its relation to the real-life FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit.

The actor appreciated the mix of fiction and reality seen in the show and talked about the FBI unit which inspired this show. As per the agency’s podcast, the team focused on kidnappings, serial killers, and rape-related cases, which were also seen in this series.

He also said in the interview that the show representatives a real and a genuine organization so the makers want to maintain a sense ofreality and the boundaries in a way to make the show more realistic and smooth.

Mark Hilts, a true FBI agent was also seen in the same podcast to explain the “why” part of a criminal investigation and research on interviewing serial killers to understand their motives.

While life imitates art and art imitates life, Criminal Minds and its reboot Criminal Minds: Evolution have sure managed to gain the trust of the viewers and that is why the show is still popular among its fans.

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