Jodie Foster Directs an Episode of ‘Orange Is The New Black’

Orange Is The New Black Gets Jodie Foster To Direct An Episode

Netflix’s exceptionally popular series Orange Is The New Black, which changed the way viewers look at the US prison system, had Jodie Foster among its directors. Based on Piper Kerman’s book, it is a story of a white American woman sentenced to prison, after helping an ex-lover with drug trafficking and money laundering.

Jenji Cohan, the showrunner of the series, says Foster had never worked in the television field and was eager to learn. The double Oscar-winner actress approached them and asked to give it a try.

The 91-episode series is a perfect combination of drama, humor, and action. This set the series apart from other similar productions that focus only on the drama of the characters.

Orange Is The New Black was one of the most nominated series for Emmy Awards and 19 statues, with Uzo Aduba winning for her role of Suzanne Warren.

The powerful story of the Netflix series captivated millions of fans and remains to be a favorite production. Its memorable journey in the prison system will not be forgotten, with the inclusion of Jodie Foster in an episode,

Orange Is The New Black will remain close to Netflix viewers’ hearts and will continue to spark conversations and debates.

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