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Jodie Foster Directs an Episode of ‘Orange Is The New Black’

Jodie Foster Directs an Episode of ‘Orange Is The New Black’

**The Famous Jodie Foster Directed an Episode of ‘Orange Is The New Black’**

Orange Is The New Black, the exclusive Netflix series that redefined comedic storytelling around a US prison system, recently past its 7th and final season. The show earned millions of fans in part due to the poignant stories of its main character, Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling), who faced the harshness of prison life with equal parts action, drama, and humor.

Surprising fans of Orange Is The New Black, the show was further elevated with the directing of powerhouse actress Jodie Foster in one of its episodes. 91 episodes-strong, all available on Netflix, the show was based on the book of Piper Kerman, titled Orange Is The New Black: Chronicle of My Year in a Women’s Federal Prison. Kerman was convicted of drug trafficking and money laundering, and served time in a federal prison.

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The show’s creator and showrunner, Jenji Cohan, was able to secure the rights for the show when Kerman’s friend recommended the book. Kohan attested that Jodie Foster was “very intelligent”, looking to try her hand at directing for television. She shocked Cohan when she approached the production staff of Orange Is The New Black and asked “Can I give it a try?” showing off her enthusiasm for the project.

Foster’s efforts paid off, for she alongside the show earned 19 Emmy nods that resulted in a golden statuette for its actress Uzo Aduba, who played gamely portrayed Suzanne Warren, the beloved “Crazy Eyes.”

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Orange Is The New Black has been critically acclaimed and highly successful with Jodie Foster’s added touch. Her passion for the show gave it an edge that can only be found in truly masterful works, paving the way for more groundbreaking sitcoms.

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