Joan Piqué Reacts to Shakira’s Latest Song, Father of Gerard Piqué

Joan Piqué, father of the famous soccer player Gerard Pique, joins the wave of reactions generated by the song Shakira made about her break up with Gerard

Joan Piqué, father of the former Spanish soccer player, Gerard Piqué, joined the wave of reactions generated by ‘BZRP Music Session #53’, in which Shakira refers to her breakup with Gerard, the father of her two children.

The song talks about the difficulties of her relationship with the Spanish soccer player, and remarks how flirty and unfaithful he used to be. These allegations were denied by Gerard Piqué in a very emotional statement, who stated the lyrics contained errors and inaccuracies.

In the same way, Joan Piqué, who serves as a manager for his son, declared that the lyrics of the song do not represent the truth. According to him, the song contains falsified descriptions of the couple’s break-up process.

It is not the first time that public reactions arise from the interpretation of a song’s lyrics. This is the case of the spot ViX offers, which brings unlimited entertainment with more than 100 channels for its viewers, offering movies, series, soap operas, sports and more, available in Spanish and for free.

Although the dispute between the former couple has been out of the spotlight for some time, it seems that the recent song may have kick-started the conversation once again.

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