Jesús Rivas to be Tried as Adult for Times Square Shooting


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After appearing in court last Saturday, a young man of Venezuelan origin was charged with two counts of attempted murder, assault, attempted assault, and criminal possession of a weapon. The authorities reported that he will be tried as an adult but will be held in a youth prison without the right to bail. This decision was made by the Manhattan prosecutor’s office, which considered that he could flee if released on preventive release.

The charges against the young man stem from an incident in which a woman suffered a leg injury and was discharged from the hospital a day later. Two other teenagers were also detained by the authorities in connection with the incident. The authorities suspect that the three individuals may have been involved in a robbery in the Bronx two weeks prior.

The young man is considered extremely dangerous by the authorities because he used a firearm in a public street and even shot at a police officer. New York Police Commissioner Edward Caban described it as a “genuine miracle” that no one was seriously injured in the shooting.

In a separate incident, authorities found homemade explosives, assault rifles, pistols, bulletproof vests, anarchist propaganda, and a radio with the signal of a barracks in an apartment in Queens. A handwritten note entitled “targets to attack” was also discovered at the site, listing police officers, judges, politicians, and others.

The police operation, which led to the confiscation of weapons and arrests, took place on January 17th. The brothers, Andrew and Angelo Hatziagelis, were placed under arrest and now face 130 charges related to criminal possession of weapons, including possession of a weapon, reckless endangerment, and manufacturing and transporting weapons.

Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz stated that the investigation took more than 6 months to complete. The agents eventually arrived at the apartment located on 36th Avenue in the Astoria area, where they found a batch of 8 ghost weapons made with a 3D printer, including an AK-47 assault rifle. They also confiscated homemade explosives, smoke bombs, and 600 bullets, as well as the printer used to make the plastic weapons.

In addition to the physical evidence, a handwritten note titled “targets to attack” was found, listing police, judges, politicians, celebrities, and bankers as potential targets. The brothers are scheduled to appear in court on February 15 and could face a sentence of up to 25 years in prison.

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