Jessie J announces she is expecting her first child

The amazing news broke out today that singer Jessie J is expecting her first child and is overjoyed to bring this baby into the world. She shared the news through her Instagram as her fans were delighted to hear from her. In her post she tells how excited yet terrified she is to finally share this news. Jessie also made a point to ask for kindness from the public and that she longs for a chocolate-covered pickle with no questions asked – which is the perfect way to represent her playful personality.

The videos and pictures accompanying her post showed her baby bump as her mom, friends, and she herself all celebrated this joyous occasion. In 2018, Jessie revealed that she was informed by doctors that she could never be pregnant, but today she flipped the script and announced that something she wrote off as an unlikely occurrence is finally coming to fruition.

While this news is undoubtedly uplifting, in December 2021, Jessie J announced on her Instagram that she had suffered a miscarriage, expressing shocking heartbreak as she hoped to carry her first child into the world. In spite of this news, Jessie J was determined to fulfil her role as an artist and went ahead with her concert in Los Angeles. She expressed how the act of singing allowed her to process her emotions and provided a great source of comfort and strength.

Hearing about Jessie J’s journey and how she has continued to strive for her dream despite so many bumps in the road is inspiring and uplifting. We’re confident that this new chapter of her life will be filled with love and joy, and we’ll be rooting for her from afar.

Congratulations to the happy mama-to-be and best wishes for a safe and healthy delivery!

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