Jershon Farmers’ Post-War Plans: From Demining Fields to Sowing Cereals

Jershon Farmers’ Post-War Plans: From Demining Fields to Sowing Cereals

After years of destruction and death, the region of Kherson in Ukraine is looking towards the future with hopes of returning to farming. However, the fields farmers wish to work are filled with dangers, including unexploded shells from previous battles. More than two million hectares of agricultural land require inspection for explosives, a task that is both time-consuming and dangerous. And without special equipment, massive demining will require international help.

Farmers are eager to return to their fields, but not without the necessary equipment and safety measures. Tractor repair parts are not readily available, and many farmers have already discovered unexploded ordnance on their land. Andrii Litvinov, a Ukrainian farmer, explains that they have already tried to clear the area themselves with the help of sappers, but more help is needed to make the land safe for farming.

Despite these challenges, the people of Kherson are optimistic about the future of their agricultural industry. They hope to be able to sow about 30% of the agricultural land on the right bank of the Dnipro river, a small but promising start. With the help of the international community and the continued efforts of local farmers, they can work towards rebuilding their region and feeding millions of people. But first, the land must be cleared of danger.

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