Jerrid Joseph Powell arrested for killing 3 homeless men in LA: police


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A man suspected of being a serial killer in Los Angeles has been identified as Jerrid Joseph Powell. He is believed to be responsible for the murders of three homeless people and another man during a four-day killing spree. Powell was already in custody for a separate murder when investigators connected him to the homeless killings.

The first victim, Jose Bolanos, was killed as he slept on the street. The second victim, Mark Diggs, was fatally shot behind a building. The third victim, who remains unidentified, was killed just hours before Powell was arrested. Powell was also connected to the murder of a 42-year-old father of two who was killed during a robbery.

Powell allegedly followed Nicholas Simbolon from an electric vehicle charging station to his home, where he was shot and robbed. Investigators used an automatic license plate reader system to track Powell down and he was taken into custody following a traffic stop in Beverly Hills. A handgun found inside Powell’s car was identified as the murder weapon used in all four killings.

It is not clear what motivated Powell to commit these crimes, but police believe the homeless victims were killed without provocation. The indiscriminate nature of the killings prompted city officials to create a task force and open emergency shelters to get as many homeless people off the streets as possible.

Authorities are also investigating whether Powell may be linked to other cases. He is currently being held on a $2.1 million bail.

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