Jeremy Renner Hospitalized After Snowplow Accident, Now Recovering

Jeremy Renner Hospitalized After Snowplow Accident: Escapes with Minor Injuries

Actor Jeremy Renner was taken to hospital on New Year’s Day after a snowplow accident on a private trail near Lake Tahoe left him with chest trauma and other injuries. The 52-year-old Marvel Cinematic Universe star has now been luckily been released and shared that he is excited to watch the second episode of his Paramount+ TV series at home with his family.

Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve shared that the accident occured on the highway connecting to Reno and Lake Tahoe while Renner was helping someone stranded in the snow. Washoe County Sheriff Darim Balaam said that it took Reno first responders more than 30 minutes to reach Renner as up to 20 vehicles had been abandoned on the road due to heavy snowfall.

Luckily, the two-time Oscar nominated actor has managed to escape with minor injuries. He said in a tweet that he is slowly recovering from the brain fog caused by the accident and is excited to spend this time with his family recovering from the shock.

Renner has played the character of Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and also had a role in Mission Impossible franchise.

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