Jenni Hermoso and Jesús Calleja: Everyone Should Be a Feminist


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The tenth season of ‘Planeta Calleja’ kicked off this Monday with Jenni Hermoso’s first television interview since winning the Women’s World Cup with Spain. The soccer player shared her experiences with Jesús Calleja while they explored Iceland, discussing how her life has changed in recent months.

Jesús Calleja met Jenni Hermoso at the La Rosaleda stadium in Malaga, where the women’s team defeated Sweden 5-3 in the Nations League. They then embarked on their journey to Iceland. When asked why she accepted the invitation to participate in the program, Jenni Hermoso expressed that it was an opportunity to enjoy life, travel, and freely express herself without fear.

In Iceland, Jesús Calleja inquired about Jenni Hermoso’s current state. She described herself as strong and resilient, having faced difficult challenges after the Women’s World Cup final. Despite the hardships, she emphasized that the experience has made her stronger.

Jenni Hermoso shared her origins, proudly stating that she is from Madrid, specifically Carabanchel. She credited her upbringing and football skills to playing in the streets. She also discussed her family, including her parents’ occupations and her childhood memories.

Jesús Calleja highlighted the rarity of girls playing soccer during Jenni Hermoso’s childhood. She recalled playing with boys and shared an anecdote about sustaining a nose injury while playing. Her love for football stemmed from her grandfather, who was a goalkeeper for Atlético de Madrid.

The issue of the wage gap between women’s and men’s soccer was addressed, with Jenni Hermoso revealing that top players can earn around a million euros per year. She emphasized the importance of fair compensation for female players and dispelled misconceptions about their motivations.

Jenni Hermoso discussed her relationship with social media, expressing a balanced approach and acknowledging the negative impact of online hate. She revealed the disturbing comments and threats she has received, emphasizing the difficulty of managing such negativity.

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