Jenna Ortega’s Celebratory Message Following Renewal of ‘Merlina’ for Second Season

The Netflix series Merlina has taken the world by storm with its incredible storyline. After the news of confirmation of renewal for the second season, the star of the show Jenna Ortega paid tribute to all the fans by sharing a post on her social media.

On January 10, 2023, it was revealed that Merlina had broken records on Netflix in its first week of broadcast and Jenna Ortega was overwhelmed by the news. Jenna, famous for her roles in You, Big Time Adolescence and much more, seemed very happy that the series was renewed.

On her post, she thanked everyone for making the show possible and for Netflix for giving the opportunity to continue the story. Netflix’s Twitter account had also responded with a quote, calling her legend every day of the week. Fans had expressed their admiration for the star in the form of likes and comments.

In the next season, Hunter Doohan, who plays Tyler Galpin on the show, joked about the TikTok trend that was born thanks to the Merlina. Jenna Ortega’s dance in episode 4 of the series had inspired the trend, and the star herself researched online to recreate the moment.

Even though no exact premiere date has been announced for season two, it is expected to air either at the end of 2023 or start of 2024. Until then, let’s look forward to many new updates from the popular show.

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