Javier Milei urges prompt approval of law after Caputo’s announcement


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President Javier Milei, through a statement from the Office of the President, spoke after the Minister of Economy, Luis Caputo, announced that the Government decided to withdraw the fiscal chapter from the Omnibus Law. The points of the fiscal chapter were hindering negotiations with the opposition in Congress. The announced measure guarantees that there are no reasons to delay the approval of the law. The fiscal chapter can be discussed later, said the head of state.

The Office of the President highlighted the consensus reached in relation to the structural reforms that the country needs included in the draft Law of Bases and Starting Points for the Freedom of Argentines. In this sense, because the fiscal chapter was delaying legislative treatment, it was decided to withdraw it so that the Law advances without problems.

The statement added that it will be necessary to advance in the adjustment of the policy as the Argentines are adjusting because the Government’s commitment to zero deficit is unbreakable. A while before, Caputo had announced the measure at a press conference. There is dissent in the economic chapter, we have listened to all of them and we share many of those complaints. We have had to make uncomfortable decisions to reach zero deficit, but in no way do we want this fiscal chapter to delay what we believe is necessary and urgent, said the official.

Based on this situation, we have decided to withdraw the tax chapter of the Base Law to facilitate its approval. This will speed up times and facilitate the situation for many governors. Likewise, Caputo insisted that the most important thing is the structural aspect, which will generate change in Argentina, to comply with the zero fiscal deficit and warned that the growth goal and take off with this deregulation package that we knock the private sector out of can be corrected, it is replaceable. We are in better conditions than when we ruled the law.

The head of the Treasury explained that the fiscal package includes money laundering, the moratorium, the advance of Personal Assets, the Earnings law, withholdings and the change in the retirement formula. This is what would be retired. There is consensus in Congress that the rest of the package is beneficial for the country. The Government minimized the CGT strike and focuses on the Omnibus Law: the bid with the provinces for withholdings. After the increase in withholdings and Profits, the Government now promises a tax reform to lower taxes in 2025. News in Development.

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