Javier Milei condemns Hamas attack on kibbutz


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Javier Milei, the special envoy to Jerusalem, Israel, recently visited the remains of the Nir Oz kibbutz, which was attacked by Hamas terrorists. The attack involved a systematic massacre that affected entire families and their pets. After touring the area, located 1,800 meters from Gaza, Milei gave a speech in which he condemned the fundamentalist group supported by Iran and demanded the immediate release of the kidnapped people who are being held captive in the tunnels of the Strip. He described the situation as a “crime against humanity.”

During his visit, Milei observed the remains of the houses of some of the Argentines who have been kidnapped by the terrorist group, including the Bibas family. He also visited the former home of Eitan Horn, who was with his brother Iair, and David Cunio, all of whom have been missing since October 7. Before his speech with Isaac Herzog, president of Israel, Milei spoke with Ofelia Roitman, who was kidnapped by Hamas, and with the parents of Ariel and David Cunio, who are still kidnapped in Gaza.

Milei expressed his deep emotions during the visit, describing it as a moving experience. He condemned the Hamas attacks and compared the terrorist group to “21st century Nazism.” He emphasized the need for the free world to take action and not remain indifferent to such acts of terrorism.

Accompanied by his Israeli counterpart, Isaac Herzog, Milei observed the place that was the first target of the terrorist group’s attack. As they walked through the destroyed streets, they heard the falling of missiles in the Gaza Strip, where fighting between the Israel Defense Forces and Hamas was ongoing.

Milei answered questions from the Infobae envoy, expressing his determination to use all possible methods to free the hostages and his belief that justice must be served for the massacre committed in the kibbutz. He provided details about the attack, including the involvement of the Nukbha brigade, a terrorist unit of the Izz al-Din al Qassam brigades, the military wing of Hamas.

The negotiations between Israel and Hamas, led by the Emirate of Qatar in coordination with the United States, Egypt, and Turkey, were ongoing. However, the different proposals presented by Israel and the terrorist group were hindering progress. The government led by Benjamin Netanyahu demanded the freedom of those kidnapped in Gaza, while Hamas sought a long truce and the release of thousands of Palestinians in exchange.

Milei instructed Foreign Minister Diana Mondino to advance the preparation of a decree to designate Hamas as a terrorist group. He also discussed the matter with Netanyahu and Herzog, expressing concern about the fate of the kidnapped Argentine nationals.

The situation remains uncertain, with reports indicating that a fifth of the kidnapped individuals may already be dead. Milei plans to meet with the relatives of those kidnapped by Hamas to discuss the ongoing efforts to secure their release. The news is dark, as it is unclear where the kidnapped Argentine nationals are and whether they are still alive.

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