Javier Milei and Georgia Meloni solidify political alliance at Chigi Palace meeting


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Javier Milei and Giorgia Meloni recently met at the Chigi Palace in Rome, Italy. Meloni, the Prime Minister of Italy, and Milei, an Argentine politician, share similar views on the economy and global issues. Meloni welcomed Milei with a red carpet, a squad of honor, and a fanfare. They discussed their mutual beliefs in market freedom, questioned the role of the State, and condemned terrorist acts by Hamas against Israel.

Meloni was the first leader to congratulate Milei on his victory over Sergio Massa. They agreed on everything they discussed during their phone call. Milei invited Meloni to visit Argentina, and it is likely that she will travel there soon. Before meeting with Meloni, Milei also met with the president of Italy, Sergio Mattarella, to discuss strengthening bilateral relations.

Milei also had a private meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican. They discussed the economy and social programs implemented by the government. Milei apologized for his past statements, and Pope Francis forgave him. Milei presented the Pope with a folder, a painting, and some sweet treats. In return, the Pope gave Milei a bronze medallion and some papal documents.

Overall, the meeting between Milei and Meloni was a success, and it is expected that their countries will continue to strengthen their relationship in the future.

Image Source: www.infobae.com

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