Javier Milei and Francisco meet for over an hour at Vatican


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President Javier Milei and his sister, Karina Milei, arrived at the Vatican for a summit with Pope Francis. This marks the first meeting between the Argentine president and the Supreme Pontiff. Despite having strong words for the highest authority of the Holy See during the campaign, President Milei showed that it is a chapter that was left behind in a meeting they had in St. Peter’s Basilica and a hug that surprised the president himself.

The Pope publicly confronted Javier Milei during the electoral campaign, but upon arriving at the Casa Rosada, he read or listened to all the available reports. As Infobae was able to reconstruct, the Pontiff initially received the Argentine head of state alone in the Apostolic Library of the Vatican. Only after a few minutes of private dialogue, the general secretary and sister of the President, Karina Milei, was allowed to enter the meeting. And in a third stage, the ministers who confirmed the official delegation joined.

After analyzing various data, Pope Francis constructed his own conclusion and decided that Javier Milei and his sister Karina would be together in the audience. It is not usual for the invited president to bring a Secretary General to the audience, but in this case, the mid-ranking official is his sister. Francis knows about the importance of Karina Milei in the Government, and that is why he suggested that the conclave begin with both brothers at the same time.

In addition to Karina Milei, the president arrived at the Vatican accompanied by Chancellor Diana Mondino; the Minister of Human Capital, Sandra Pettovello; the Minister of the Interior, Guillermo Francos; the Secretary of Worship, Francisco S├ínchez, and Rabbi Shimon Axel Wahnish, appointed ambassador to Israel. The hearing will begin at 9:00 (four hours less in Argentina), and for comparisons based on political statistics, Macri’s first meeting with Francisco lasted 22 minutes. And exactly twice as much, the first papal conclave of Alberto Fern├índez.

Today, Milei will describe his political project, and the Pope will make the necessary gestures to show that he believed him or, on the contrary, will send him to Purgatory until further notice. The head of state comes prepared to avoid Francis’ eventual Purgatory. He will describe from his perspective what happened with the so-called Omnibus Law; Minister Pettovello will be there to explain where the government is going in social matters, and Minister Francos – her former student at the faculty – will draw the red lines that the Libertad Avanza administration has no intention of crossing.

The hug between Milei and Francisco -at the request of the President- is an unprecedented scene in the political history of the country. Two former adversaries, heads of state, embrace in the middle of St. Peter’s Basilica after the canonization of the first Argentine saint, thus combining a gesture that can project another idea about the exercise of power. The Holy Father is already discarnate and Milei He is inclined to listen to elders with a religious imprint. A different political combination, in a social and economic situation that has never been experienced in forty years of democracy.

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