Javier Calvo: His Debt to Fer, Family, and Viral Speech


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Javier Calvo, at only 33 years old, has an impressive resume and a long list of achievements. He is taking on his latest challenge as the co-presenter of the 2024 Goya Awards on February 10, alongside actress and singer Ana Belén and director and producer Javier Ambrossi. Calvo, the creator of La Mesías and Paquita Salas, started his career as a theater actor at the age of 11. By the time he was 16, he landed his big break in the series Physics or Chemistry, playing the character Fer.

After three successful years, Calvo faced a period of unemployment until he started writing with Ambrossi, who had been working as a waiter after pursuing his dream of becoming an actor. In 2013, they debuted as theater directors and producers with The Call, which they later turned into a film.

Calvo and Ambrossi, who were friends before they became a couple, publicly announced their engagement at the premiere of The Call. Calvo has been open about his journey to self-acceptance, including coming out as gay and his relationship with Ambrossi. He has been an advocate for being true to oneself and finding support from family and loved ones.

Calvo has spoken fondly of his parents, Javier Calvo Durán and Teresa Guirao, and his sister Susi. He has also shared stories about his grandmother Lola, who was a stylist and a significant influence in his life. Lola’s clothes have even been featured in the Paquita Salas series.

In addition to his family, Calvo has expressed gratitude for the support of his close friend Belén Cuesta, whom his mother accompanied during her pregnancy. Calvo’s mother, a midwife, has been a source of strength and support for him and his loved ones.

Overall, Calvo’s journey from a young theater actor to a successful presenter and advocate for self-acceptance has been marked by personal and professional growth. His openness about his experiences has inspired many and continues to make a positive impact.

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