Japanese Divers Capture Spectacular Moment of Giant Squid Encounter on Camera

**Extremely Rare Encounter of 2.5-Meter-Long Giant Squid off Western Coast of Japan Captured by Two Divers**

Yosuke Tanaka and his wife Miki, dive instructors in Toyooka, Hyogo, were warned by a fishing tackle seller of spotting a giant squid near the surface of the bay. The couple, who described their encounter in a diving blog, encountered the ‘huge squid’ near a rocky shore with a lot of seaweed.

The squid moved slowly, and they said that it appeared to be weak and some of its skin was coming off its body. Its size and enormous eyes were surprising, and Tanaka admitted that he felt ‘terrified’. After being immersed in its presence for about 30 minutes, the giant squid vanished in the depths of the ocean.

Though giant squids are seen off the coast of Japan, it is very rare to see them alive. Remarkably, the 2.5-meter-long squid Tanaka and Miki witnessed is considered small. According to Jon Ablett, an expert on molluscs and cephalopods at the Natural History Museum in London, the biggest giant squids can measure 12 meters long and the colossal squid can even be larger.

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