Japan to Release Fukushima Water Into Sea in Spring or Summer

Japanese Government announces the discharge of water from Fukushima nuclear plant despite protests

The Japanese Government announced this Friday (01.13.2023) that the discharge into the sea of ​​the contaminated and treated water that accumulates at the Fukushima nuclear power plant will take place between next spring and summer, despite the opposition of local fishing groups.

The Executive approved a revised plan for the spill, which includes compensation for the fishing industry that could be affected by the measure, against which neighboring countries such as South Korea and China have also protested.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is supervising the plan to dump the water once it is processed to remove most of the radioactive elements, and will send a mission to Japan to analyze preparations on the ground.

The discharge of water into the Pacific will take place “once the works for the discharge are finished” and “the investigation by the Japanese nuclear regulator, in addition to the IAEA report”, according to Hirokazu Matsuno, Government’s Spokesman, after the Cabinet meeting where the new plan was approved.

Local fishing organisations oppose the plan as their activities have barely recovered after the 2011 nuclear disaster, and fear that the stigma attached to the area’s fish and shellfish will worsen due to the spill. They also worry that the discharge of water may not be within the limit set by the World Health Organization for drinking water, presenting risks to human health and the environment.

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