Japan Confirms 8 Deaths of Chinese and Burmese on Cargo Shipwreck

Japan Confirms 8 Deaths of Chinese and Burmese on Cargo Shipwreck

Extensive search operations to rescue nine missing persons after shipwreck off Japanese waters

The Japanese Coast Guard has confirmed eight deaths in a shipwreck that took place early Wednesday off Japanese waters. Six of the deceased are Chinese citizens and two are Burmese nationals, and the crew was made up of a total of 22 people. Two were previously confirmed dead while 13 were found, 5 of whom were conscious.

The Nagasaki Coast Guard is continuing search and rescue operations for the nine missing crew members, with support from the Japanese Self-Defense Forces (Army) and the South Korean Coast Guard. This follows the distress signal sent by the sunken Hong Kong-registered 6,651-ton Jintan as it traveled to the port of the South Korean city of Incheon, carrying timber and other goods.

It is reported that strong winds and bad sea might be making rescue operations difficult, in the midst of an intense cold wave. Japan is looking to coordinate with the authorities of China and Burma regarding the transfer of the bodies of the deceased.

The tragedy again highlights the importance of search and rescue services in marine contexts and the role that international collaboration can play in these efforts.

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