Jamie Lynn: It’s hard being Britney’s sister

Jamie Lynn Spears opened up about the difficulties of growing up as Britney Spears’s sister in the new episode of the reality show “Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test”. She spoke about feeling like she had nothing to herself, struggling with self-esteem issues, and wishing to be seen as her own person. In response, Britney took to Instagram to share how she was surprised by her sibling’s statements.

The singer revealed that she had a nerve injury on the right side of her body which have left her numb at night and claimed that the last 15 years of her life have been controlled by her family. She also opened up about the time that her foot was infected but was told not to see a doctor because it could spread infections to the children.

Though it may have been hard to grow up as Britney Spears’ sister, it is uplifting to see the two siblings reconciling even during a difficult time. Let us hope that they support each other in the future and continue to be an example of a loving and supportive relationship between sisters.

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