James Gunn Clarifies Henry Cavill’s ‘Suicide Squad 2’ Departure

James Gunn Clarifies Henry Cavill’s ‘Suicide Squad 2’ Departure

The Future of Superman in DC Cinematic Universe Revealed

After the announcements about his return for the DC Extended Universe, Henry Cavil bid farewell to his most iconic role; Superman. Now, DC Studios director James Gunn responds to Cavill’s sudden departure, claiming that “he was not fired” and that his memorable cameo in the upcoming Black Adam movie was his official goodbye.

According to Gunn, “many people made assumptions that were not true”, as Henry Cavill was never in the official cast. Moreover, he expresses his sympathy for the actor, declaring “I like Henry. He is a great guy. I think he has been mistreated by a lot of people, including former directors of this company”.

With this occurrence, Superman Legacy, set to arrive in 2025, will be starting a new chapter in the DC Universe. This film marks the beginning of a DCU with fresh stories, characters and actors, even though certain existing elements may be retained.

In regard to the subject of Superman, Gund makes it very clear that Cavil’s decision was a result of his vision for how he wants to portray the superhero. It was not about who was available for the part, but rather about how he envisioned the character.

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