James Cameron Says Avatar Saga Fixes Star Wars’ Biggest Mistake

James Cameron praises Avatar’s diversity while criticizing Star Wars’ lack thereof

Icons of Hollywood, James Cameron has achieved a feat not many can claim to: two of his movies rank among the top 10 highest grossing of all time. His newest film, Avatar: The Sense of Water, placed sixth in the elite list with a staggering $2 billion.

Making a remark about another iconic movie franchise – Star Wars, Cameron criticized George Lucas for neglecting reasonable diversity in his universe. He said in a recent interview with Variety, “If you look at how George Lucas did with the universe that he created, which is amazing, he chose to make each biome different, each culture different, had its own planet around the galaxy. And I thought, ‘Well, the Earth doesn’t work like that.”

Cameron pointed out that Earth held a “an explosion of ideas, clothing, and forms of belief”, and thus, inspired his creations in Avatar. He proposed that George Lucas chose to “show just one biome for each planet” and “obviate the diversity of environments that a single planet can house”

As Avatar 3 prepares for a release, Cameron promises to showcase a “new Na’vi tribe and their home, very different from anything seen so far”.

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