Iván Duque and César Gaviria discuss national challenges: details


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Former presidents Iván Duque and César Gaviria recently met to discuss national politics in La Calera, generating interest among citizens. The meeting, which lasted over three hours, focused on various issues related to politics and national security. Among the topics discussed were the current situation of the country, the security of the territory, stalled investment projects, and the blockade of the Palace of Justice, on which they expressed their support for the judicial branch.

The former heads of state recently expressed concerns about the actions carried out by the Government of Gustavo Petro. Specifically, they have raised questions about the blockades that occurred on Thursday, February 8 at the Palace of Justice. On that occasion, hundreds of citizens mobilized there to urge the judges of the Supreme Court of Justice to elect a new prosecutor from the shortlist presented by the president. In this context, Gaviria issued a strong letter expressing his position on the matter.

Through an official statement, the former head of state expressed his concern and rejection of the actions carried out by the Petro Government, describing them as illegal and unconstitutional acts. In his statements, the leader of the Liberal Party pointed out that the president had transgressed the limits established by the Constitution, deviating from the rule of law and, possibly, engaging in actions that could be considered criminal.

Iván Duque, for his part, indicated that the former presidents and former heads of government belonging to the Idea Group, self-described as an “international non-governmental forum,” issued a letter. In this communication, they express their concern about the seriousness of the precedent in which sectors related to the Government of Colombia have intervened in the Supreme Court of Justice, exerting “pressure” on the judges.

In addition to discussing the political situation and challenges, it was also reported that the former leaders discussed other issues of national relevance. This included the Government’s security policy, especially after the attacks that led to the militarization of Tuluá, Valle del Cauca, and a crisis of public order in the region. This Valle del Cauca municipality was shaken by violence with the murder of a Traffic police, the burning of at least four vehicles and riots in several sectors. These events led the governor of Valle del Cauca, Dilian Francisca Toro, to announce the militarization of the city to restore order.

The governor reported that the military action is being closely coordinated with the Police, the Army and the mayor of Tuluá, Gustavo Velez. In addition to the military deployment, the mayor decreed a curfew and prohibited the circulation of additional passengers on motorcycles as additional measures to control the situation. These were the topics addressed at the meeting; However, none of the politicians have made explicit mention of the details of what was discussed.

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