Italian Police Arrest Most Wanted Boss of Cosa Nostra, Messina Denaro

Mafia Boss Messina Denaro arrested in Palermo
Mafia Boss Messina Denaro, who is known for orchestrating the Cosa Nostra attacks in 1993 & the deaths of two anti-mafia magistrates in 1992, was recently arrested from a private health clinic in Palermo, the Sicilian capital, of Italy. He was there to recieve medical treatment. The 60-year-old has multiple life sentences due to his involvement in the murders.

The capture was supported by Palermo prosecutors Maurizio de Lucia and deputy Paolo Guido. Messina Denaro is a native of Castelvetrano in the Sicilian province of Trapani. Investigations have also revealed that Messina had traveled to Barcelona to get eye surgery.

He is considered the last boss of Cosa Nostra and the ‘last of the Corleoneses’. Investigations into the case have revealed that Messina has an extensive network of contacts and figureheads that he has procured over the years accruing total wealth of more than 4,000 million euros.

The Police has released a recent robot portrait of Messina. The portrait describes him as somewhat older, with dyed black hair, slightly overweight and not wearing his trademark dark glasses due to his vision problems.

The capture comes as a major victory in the fight against Mafia int he country and paves the way for the prosecution of Messina Denaro.

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