Italian Government Aims to Curb Wiretapping in Judicial Investigations

Italian Justice Minister or Proposal to Ban Wiretapping in Minor Crimes Invokes Controversy
Italian Minister of Justice Alfonso Nordio has caused a stir this week in the country after proposing to ban wiretapping in minor crimes. When presenting his annual report on the state of Italian justice in the Senate on Wednesday, Nordio argued that wiretapping “for very serious crimes” involving the mafia and terrorism will continue, but wiretaps used for minor crimes should be discontinued. This proposal has been criticized by various opposition forces, including the Democratic Party and the 5 Star Movement, accusing Nordio of wanting to “approve a series of ordinary laws that, behind deceptive, they all have the only common denominator to guarantee impunity for the upper classes, reduce or decriminalize white-collar crimes.”

Meanwhile, the chief prosecutor of Palermo, Maurizio De Lucia, was keen on defending the wiretapping, stating that without it, investigations may not yield any results. “They are essential and indispensable because without them the investigations do not yield any results. This is the most important thing and it must be clear,” he said. Deputies from the Green-left Alliance Angelo Bonelli and Gian Carlo Caselli has argued in favor of the wiretaps too. Bonelli has stated that wiretapping is an “essential and strategic tool in the fight against organized crime and corruption.”

This debate still continues to create controversy leaving the majority of the population uncertain regarding what the future of its justice system looks like.

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