Italian Director Unites Young Talent in Ecuador for Opera Performance

A New Era for Classic Music in Ecuador

A group of young and talented Ecuadorian voices has united under the wing of the Italian director Marco Pucci Catena, with an ambition to revive the local music scene.

The recently established “La Mala Compañia” opera company is the first of its kind in Quito and, likely, the whole of Ecuador. According to company’s director, it aims to restore the classical music scene the country experienced in cities like Quito and Guayaquil.

The group has been rehearsing for two weeks, in anticipation of their forthcoming 17th January show at San Gabriel Theatre. The performance will include excerpts from renowned works, such as “Rigoletto”, “El Trovador”, “Aída” and “Don Carlo”.

The show itself is something that has never been done before in Ecuador.

Part of the performance will comprise of the singers “The Wedding of Figaro”, kitted out as characters from the television series “El Chavo del 8”, including Quico and Doña Florinda. This is a direct result of the Italian director’s passion to draw more people towards the genre.

Knowingly, the members of “La Mala Compañía” consists of Catalina Morocho, Sandra Tuqueres, Nataly Sanchez Auz, Andre Salazar, Moises Carabali, José Cárdenas, Ayrton Guerra, Paulina Elizabeth Alemán, Carolina Puruncajas and Esteban Gavilanes, orchestrated by the piano.

Headed by Pucci Catena, the group aims to send some of its members to Europe’s stages, making such dreams for aspiring classical musicians achievable.

From 17th January to 28th January, fans of the genre can take part in the revival of a forgotten hobby in Ecuador, as “La Mala Compañía” stages three performances in two venues.

EFE 2023.

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