Italian Culture Minister Claims Dante was the Originator of Right-Wing Thought

Italian minister of culture responds to criticism after citing Dante Alighieri as the founder of right-wing thought in Italy
Italian Minister of Culture Sangiuliano has come under criticism after he declared during a Brothers of Italy party gathering in view of the regional elections in Lombardy (north) that “Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) was the founder of right-wing thought in Italy.”

On Twitter, Raffaella Paita, spokesperson for the ministry, wrote, “Minister Sangiuliano, at least leave Dante alone. We understand that he is an excellent source of publicity and that the minister likes to pronounce words freely”, demanding not to resort to the Italian poet and writer for “risible and caricatural analysis.”

Irene Manzi, spokesman for the progressive Democratic Party in the parliamentary committee on culture, requested the minister not make “wrong cultural references, because he must know that Dante was forced into exile in 1302 precisely because he was a soldier in the White Welfs and wanted a secular state, he harshly attacked the transformism of politics and opted for the regulatory function of law and the sociability of man, issues that are not typical of Giorgia Meloni’s right.”

Angelo Bonelli, deputy of the Green and Left Alliance, accused the minister for “bothering Dante to find a right-wing cultural reference” before concluding, “the cultural referents [of the right] today are Trump and Bolsonaro.”

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