Israeli Army Strikes Hezbollah in Lebanon in Crossfire


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The Israeli Army launched an attack on Hezbollah military posts in southern Lebanon on Wednesday, marking another day of exchange of fire in the border area between Israel and the Arab country. The ongoing conflict has been occurring since the beginning of the Gaza war.

According to a military spokesman, a projectile from Lebanon crossed into Israel and landed in an open field, while another shot was identified toward the Shtula area in Israel’s northern border. In response, the Army artillery attacked the sources of the fire, and fighter jets targeted a Hezbollah military site in the Marwahin area of southern Lebanon. Additionally, fighter jets attacked Hezbollah’s military infrastructure in the Bani Haiyan area at night.

The border between Israel and Lebanon is currently experiencing its highest peak of tension since 2006, with an intense exchange of fire for three months. This has resulted in the deaths of at least 252 people, the majority on the Lebanese side and in the ranks of Hezbollah. In Israel, 18 people have died on the northern border, including 12 soldiers and 6 civilians. In Lebanon, approximately 234 people have died, including some 25 members of Palestinian militias, a soldier, and 24 civilians, among them three children and three journalists, in addition to Hezbollah militiamen.

The hostilities in the area continue daily and represent the biggest spike in tension since the 2006 war that pitted Hezbollah and Israel against each other for a month. Tens of thousands of people have been evacuated due to the current situation in both communities in northern Israel and southern Lebanon.

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