Israel resumes bombing Gaza, updates on Israel-Palestine conflict


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Fighting in Gaza resumed on Friday after the truce expired and attempts to renew it failed. Israeli F-16 bombers targeted over 400 locations in Gaza, with a focus on the north. The Israeli army planned to advance towards Gaza City with tanks, artillery, and infantry.

Negotiations in Qatar, involving Egypt and the United States, aimed to reach a new ceasefire. However, the Israeli prime minister’s office announced that the Mossad team in Doha was returning to Israel. Despite this, it is likely that some officials remained in Qatar to continue discussions.

Israel received significant support from the United States, including a $14.3 billion aid package for defense. The US supplied Israel with weapons and armaments, including bunker buster bombs and precision-guided kits.

The delivery of bombs and kits raised concerns about civilian casualties in Gaza. The US warned Israel to reduce civilian casualties, but the casualty toll in the first 24 hours of renewed fighting was high.

The types and numbers of bombs delivered to Israel may indicate a potential shift in tactics. The delivery of precision-guided kits suggests an effort to reduce civilian casualties. However, it is too early to determine the impact of these deliveries on the ground.

In conclusion, the situation in Gaza remains volatile, and the impact of the recent bombings on civilians is a cause for concern. Ongoing negotiations and international support will play a crucial role in finding a lasting solution to the conflict.

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