Islamic Jihad: Hostage return depends on them, not Israel


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On October 6, 2023, in Gaza City, The Gaza Strip, Palestine, supporters of Palestinian Islamic Jihad gathered for an anti-Israel rally to mark the 36th anniversary of the movement’s foundation.

The Al Quds Brigades, the armed group of Islamic Jihad, issued a warning to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. They stated that his “threats” to continue the war are “useless” and that the return of hostages depends on the Palestinian “resistance.”

The spokesman for Al Quds Brigades, Abu Hamza, emphasized that the families of the hostages will not be returned unless the Palestinian “resistance” decides to do so. He also dismissed Netanyahu’s threats as ineffective and stated that they will continue to fight the “Israeli oppressor” on as many fronts as necessary.

Additionally, Hamaza criticized the limited role that he believes Arab and Islamic countries are playing in the conflict in support of the Palestinian cause. He questioned what they will say to Allah on the Day of Judgment.

The Al Quds Brigades’ warning and criticism highlight the ongoing tensions and conflicts in the Middle East, particularly between Israel and Palestine. The rally and statements made by the group reflect the deep-rooted animosity and resistance towards Israeli occupation and policies.

The situation in the region remains volatile, with both sides engaged in ongoing hostilities and clashes. The Palestinian “resistance” continues to assert its determination to fight against Israeli forces and to secure the release of hostages.

The involvement of Arab and Islamic countries in the conflict, or lack thereof, continues to be a point of contention and criticism. The Al Quds Brigades’ message serves as a reminder of the broader regional dynamics and the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

As the conflict persists, the impact on civilians and families caught in the crossfire remains a pressing concern. The Al Quds Brigades’ warning regarding the hostages underscores the human cost of the ongoing tensions and the urgency of finding a resolution to the conflict.

In conclusion, the rally and statements by the Al Quds Brigades shed light on the ongoing tensions and conflicts in the Middle East, particularly between Israel and Palestine. The warning issued to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the criticism of Arab and Islamic countries’ role in the conflict underscore the complexities and challenges of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The human cost of the conflict, as highlighted by the Al Quds Brigades’ message regarding the hostages, serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need for a peaceful resolution to the ongoing tensions in the region.

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