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Real Betis footballer Isco Alarcón has suffered a proximal myotendinous injury to his left hamstring muscle. The club has confirmed that he will undergo “conservative treatment” for the injury, which means he will be out of play for approximately one and a half to two months. This injury was confirmed after evaluations and tests were carried out by the club’s medical services.

The Betic entity stated in a press release that they have initially considered “conservative treatment” to be the appropriate course of action for Isco’s injury, pending further evolution. This means that the player will not undergo surgery, but will instead receive non-invasive treatment.

As a result of this injury, Isco could be sidelined for a period of six to eight weeks. The injury occurred during a match against Getafe at the Benito Villamarín, where Isco scored a goal from a penalty kick. He had to leave the field in the 82nd minute and was replaced by William Carvalho.

This news comes as a blow to Real Betis and their fans, as Isco has been an important player for the team. The club will have to make adjustments to their lineup and strategy in his absence. However, they are hopeful that Isco will make a full recovery and return to the field as soon as possible.

In the meantime, the club’s medical staff will be closely monitoring Isco’s progress and providing him with the necessary treatment and rehabilitation. They will work to ensure that he is able to regain his fitness and strength before returning to play.

It is always difficult for a player to be sidelined due to injury, but it is important for Isco to focus on his recovery and follow the guidance of the medical team. With the right treatment and rehabilitation, he will be able to overcome this setback and return to the field stronger than ever.

Real Betis will continue to support Isco during this time and look forward to his return to the team. In the meantime, they will work to maintain their performance on the field and secure positive results in his absence. The club and its fans are eagerly awaiting Isco’s return and are hopeful for a speedy recovery.

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