Isa Pantoja watches her son Alberto’s debut basketball game


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Isa Pantoja recently had a special family moment as she watched her son, Alberto, play in his first basketball game. Despite the controversies with her mother, Isa was excited to share this milestone with her son. She even went live on ‘GH DUO’ to talk to her husband, Asraf Beno, and express how thrilled her little one was about the upcoming match.

Although Asraf couldn’t be there, Isa made sure to attend every minute of the game. She proudly sat in the stands, capturing photos and videos to share with her husband and create lasting memories of Alberto’s big day. When asked about her mother, Isa chose not to comment on the rumors surrounding her, indicating that she prefers to keep her opinions to herself.

Isa also expressed her disappointment that Asraf couldn’t be there for their son’s game. She mentioned that she helped Alberto train for the game, noting that he’s taller now and can catch the ball better. Additionally, she shared that Alberto’s father, Alberto Isla, couldn’t attend due to work commitments.

Despite the challenges and controversies, Isa was happy to support her son and create lasting memories of his first basketball game. It was a special family moment that she will always cherish.

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