Isa Pantoja stands firm against ‘Pinocchio’ accusations


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Luis Vicente Rico ‘Pinocchio’ has filed a paternity lawsuit against Anabel Pantoja to prove that he is the son of Bernardo Pantoja. He has attacked his alleged sister in ‘Let’s see’ and hinted that she did not behave well towards their father. He believes that Anabel has not shown affection towards their father and has only shared videos with him on social media as indirect taunts towards him.

Anabel has reappeared in front of the cameras, showing her anger towards the reporters who asked her about ‘Pinocchio’ and the paternity lawsuit. She has not made any official statement about the matter, but it is clear that it affects her.

Isa Pantoja, who knows Anabel well, has spoken out about her attitude. She believes that it is understandable for Anabel to be bothered by questions about the paternity lawsuit. She also thinks that Anabel is upset because Bernardo’s will has not been respected.

Isa Pantoja also expressed her opinion on ‘Pinocchio’s latest statements, saying that it is one thing for him to ask for a paternity test, but another to question Anabel as her daughter. She believes that Anabel should not have to prove her relationship with her father.

Isa Pantoja confessed that if she were in Anabel’s position, she would not appear for the DNA tests. She believes that Anabel should be awarded paternity and that should be the end of it, as they are not going to have a relationship.

Overall, the situation between Anabel Pantoja and ‘Pinocchio’ is tense, and it is clear that there are strong emotions involved. It remains to be seen how the paternity lawsuit will unfold and what the final outcome will be.

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