Is the new Death Stranding 2 trailer referencing God of War?


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Hideo Kojima recently released a 10-minute trailer for Death Stranding 2: On the Beach, featuring Norman Reedus as Sam Porter. The trailer has sparked discussions among fans, with some noticing a possible reference to God of War. In one scene, a character offers Sam a talking puppet as a companion, reminiscent of Mimir and Kratos in God of War. While it’s unclear if this is a direct reference, it’s an interesting detail that has caught the attention of many.

In God of War, Kratos carries Mimir on the back of his belt, allowing Mimir to provide crucial information during combat. This setup gives Kratos an advantage by alerting him to threats from behind. However, in the upcoming God of War: Ragnarok, there is a moment when Kratos carries Mimir facing forward, but his view is obstructed by viscera and blood. This detail has led to speculation about the potential role of the talking puppet in Death Stranding 2.

Given Sam’s tendency to fall during gameplay, it’s possible that the puppet will serve a similar purpose, providing information about the story and warning of potential dangers. While the exact role of the puppet remains a mystery, it’s clear that it will play a significant part in the game’s narrative.

Death Stranding 2: On the Beach is highly anticipated and is set for release in 2025. Fans are eager to see how Kojima will incorporate the talking puppet into the game and what role it will play in Sam’s journey. As more details about the game emerge, it’s likely that fans will continue to speculate about the significance of the puppet and its connection to the overall story.

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